Going for Gold

So I’m writing tonights blog, whilst watching Mo Farah running the 10,000 metre final at the World Athletic Championships. Its not difficult to watch and listen to the noise of the crowd and get inspired. I hope I’m watching another Gold medal going his way – what a legend.

Tuning in earlier, I watched the 100 metre men’s heats. One false move (or in this case, too quick reaction) and its deemed a false start and the athlete is disqualified. I understand the rule, but it seems incredibly harsh. Can you imagine training all your career for major championships like this only to be sent home without completing a race? I can’t possibly imagine what the athlete must be feeling. These competitors are flying into to London from all around the world, only to be removed because of a badly judged reaction, with no race being completed (or even barely started!)

false start

Have you ever pursued something in life only for it not to work out? Of course, who hasn’t? Have we ever had a ‘false start’ with our dreams and hopes for life? Maybe we’ve started to think our dreams aren’t really achievable and we are having a ‘reality check’. Who holds the key to ‘reality’? Who determines what ‘reality’ even is? Without dreams, vision and hopes, life is fairly empty.

False starts happen in life and it can happen in leadership, the work place, hobbies, relationships and many others. False starts may happen in leadership when you arrive with enthusiastic vision for your new role or after being in the same role for 20 years. Sure, maybe you’ve had a false start and it does require you to stop and look at the reason for a false start. Get alongside with some friends and respected people who can be honest about why you had a false start – an objective opinion. Maybe you feel like you put your dreams down because you had a false start – maybe its time to get re-envisioned, get back on the track and win that race.

So, you had a false start.

  • Stop
  • Get objective opinion
  • Get re-envisioned
  • Win that race

And back to the TV – that was amazing. Mo won Gold.