Summer sun, something’s begun…


Sitting at home tonight, looking out of the window – it’s grey, it’s raining. I quite like it, I’d like it to rain really hard so I can enjoy the sound of rain on the roof! On the other hand – what happened to summer? It seems like a distant memory and there seems to be no evidence it will return (yet).

Isn’t it amazing that there are four seasons in the year – what if the year just consisted of one long season? Whilst I love the summer, that would be no good – the land, nature, even we depend on four seasons for varying reasons.

We can reach seasons of summer in life when things seems warm and relaxed. A level of maturity or plateau has been reached for a time and although our lives may seem somewhat stable, there may come extremely periods of summer afternoon thunderstorms, hail and torrential flooding! Both heat and storms can bring strength though. Just as in the storms or fires of life the turbulent weather not only strengthens us, but it can also make us appreciate the calm weather that much more. Remember in all the seasons, storms are most frequent in the summer. How about that feeling of when the sun reappears after a storm, the rainbow hits the sky and the land is watered and replenished? That is a good thing….

No matter what season it feels like we’re in, there is good taking place. On those dreary, overcast days, it is important we remember that even though we can’t see the sun it is there!

My guess is that the summer isn’t over, it will return, though I’m no meteorologist. I reckon summer is just taking some time out, do we need to take a ‘take out’ even just for a moment to look how far we’ve come, recognise summer is still upon us and then press in to every good thing, every dream, every unfulfilled vision and live out the second half of 2017 with great vigour, rejoicing and passion.

Summer definitely isn’t over.


Game, Set then Match.


values image


Sitting down on a warm Friday night writing a blog which I haven’t done for a few weeks – I’m excited, lets hope for some decent content.

Everyone in life at some stage wants to be someone they see, maybe it’s someone in their actual ‘real life’ or maybe its a sports star or a celebrity – whoever. We’re in Wimbledon season and who else is there greater than Roger Federer to ever grace Centre Court? (I’ll let you debate that privately). I love Wimbledon and in mind I am a world class tennis player, in practice I’m horrific, I’m still serving underarm. If I could transport myself to be Mr Federer I probably wouldn’t mind, but we want to bypass the years of practice it took him to get there. He took up tennis at the age of 8, we don’t want the hard work, we just want to get somewhere now. This is why comparison doesn’t work. You can’t look at what someone’s final destination is and think ‘if we do the same thing we’ll be able to get there as well’. You can’t just replicate what they are doing and expect it will work the same for you. It’s like we want to win the ‘Match’ without having to go through the ‘Game, Set…..’ –



Have you ever tried to recreate something? I don’t think I can ever think of something amazing, that I then tried to recreate and got the same results.


Here’s the crunch point – put to the back of your mind strategies and outcomes, we’re all different in life. Don’t get busy mimicking strategies or trying to take the ‘direct’ route to other peoples outcomes, instead prioritise values and culture. Our values will make the change to society, our values will be the start of our outcomes, our values will shape those strategies. Our culture sets a great atmosphere for change.

So maybe as we head into this summer, we can think of values and culture and let them shape our strategies which will result in great outcomes.