Make do? Make don’t!

Having dreams and vision in life is great – things to reach for, I guess part of having vision and dreams is that its really ambitious, almost out of reach but not quite out of reach to make it attainable. It’s no vision to say ‘my vision for Monday is to just get through it’, its extremely attainable and more so just lacking any ambition at all.

So my blog tonight for those that encourage me by reading is – don’t settle. Don’t settle or make do in life. Don’t settle for ‘well that’s the best its going to be’, when actually you’re being asked to make do with mediocrity. Think of the best for the situations you might be facing and aim for the top – don’t make do, don’t stop in a halfway house place, don’t let people tell you to make do. You don’t climb a mountain, reach halfway and decide you’ve made it.

I get frustrated by situations in life which aren’t living in fullness. I get frustrated that I can be encouraged to make do. If you have a dream, don’t stop dreaming, if you have vision, aim high. If you want to bring about change, bring about the best change you can – ‘settle’ for nothing until you reach the top, ‘make do’ for nothing that isn’t the best.

One of my hobbies is photography as you might know – I wouldn’t like to put a lid or a cap on where this hobby may take me in life. I hold down a full time job and try to juggle this in my spare time – I wouldn’t like to rule out where my photography initiative will be in 5 years time, my brain is full of ideas with possibilities – sure sometimes in life the odds are stacked against us, yet that fact itself should rather motivate us to smash the odds.

So, to conclude – if you are at war, don’t settle until there is peace, if you aren’t in the job you hope for, keep working for it, if you aren’t living where you want to be, keep the map open – there are lots of analogies I could carry on with, but you’ve got the message, don’t settle and don’t make do. Oh, and what if your vision is reached? – untie the tent pegs of your vision and stretch out further – go on, keep reaching.





8 thoughts on “Make do? Make don’t!

  1. Totally agree with this Matt. Great blog! you should read Beth Kemptons ‘Freedom Seeker’ or look at her website ‘Do What You Love For Life’.

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