Fight for it

I was reading tonight that approximately 2000 people are to march through Colchester on Saturday protesting against cuts to the NHS ending their march outside Firstsite. My immediate reaction was – do I expect a queue of 2000 people afterwards waiting for me to make them a Flat White? My second reaction was that it’s good that people are passionate about a subject to take to the streets. My third reaction was that we are so blessed to live in a democracy where people can take to the streets without fear to demonstrate.

It lead me to think ‘ what am I passionate about?’ – ‘what will I fight for?’, sorry I mean ‘what will I REALLY FIGHT for?’

I think change in society or in our personal lives involves a measure of fighting. We don’t know how long the fight lasts – we can all think of situations where we feel like we’ve been fighting for years. Maybe some things require a small fight, but world changers are fighters. We may not agree with those that protest or canvas for your vote this coming Election, but at least they have the passion to try and make ‘their’ difference. Can we fight for injustice in the world? How bothered am I that whilst walking through Colchester at 5pm the other night, I was asked by four different people for money by people struggling on the streets. Maybe our fight is for other people in life?

So whatever your passion or dream, fight for it – take courage and fight and don’t give up. If you want to change something in life, fight for it, if you want something to change in the society – fight for it and go down as a world changer. Lets not live in the age of ‘giving up’, or mediocrity or with the people that ‘couldn’t be bothered’. Lets not just say we’re passionate about something, let our lives be a demonstration of that passion.

I’d rather be known as someone that fought for things all my life, even if I bought about little change, rather than someone that saw the need and fought for nothing.



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