Reality ‘shows’

I always feel a bit mixed when watching Britains Got Talent. Firstly, I don’t like particularly admitting to watch reality TV shows! – I must add, I don’t religiously watch any, I watch BGT if I’m free, which I’d love to say is hardly ever, but probably not true!

When I do watch it though, I have a mini battle on the inside of myself which occurred again tonight. When the ‘act’ is amazing and the crowd roar, the judges stand to their feet – the ‘act’ is often blown away, tears fill their eyes, they say ‘I can’t believe it’ – they are taken to the ‘best moment of their lives’. What is this feeling though? Isn’t it the roar of acceptance to someone who feels rejection? Isn’t it the feeling of appreciation to someone who feels generally unappreciated? But isn’t this all just fleeting for them? I just sometimes feel that you can see (some) insecure, rejected people take to the stage and feel bowled over. Life is greater than some stage though, its no performance and it should be fairly meaningless or at the very least ‘fleeting’ as to whether four people enjoyed what you did or didn’t bring to the show.

Acceptance, appreciation and security are major struggles in todays society in both men and women and we can help people around us fight any struggles with them. Sticking plasters don’t help, but instead an adjustment in hearts that we are accepted. It does not mean that we’re a finished article, it does not mean we’ve ‘arrived’, it does not mean its ‘as good as its going to get’ – it does mean we’re enroute and a work in progress. I don’t know about you, but there are people in life that don’t like me, they don’t accept me, I’m sure you have people in life against you – but their opinions do not shape me and they do not decide whether I count myself as accepted.

I think talent can win shows, but character makes greater wins in life.

Press your buzzer if you like, but I’ve chosen character.



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