Conquering your mountain

I haven’t blogged for over a week, life has been busy, but I’m back tonight.

You know I’ve written about mountains and valleys a lot lately, I guess we all know circumstances in life that count as such things but also I’ve had the great excitement of experiencing them in the literal also lately.

Here some pointers from conquering mountains that I’ve noted down and had the privilege of sharing with at church today.

  1. Every mountain has a valley – its geologically impossibly for mountains to be without valleys. If you experience highs, you’ll experience lows. If you’re in a hard low place, there must be a mountain top to go with it.
  2. Plan your route – you can take the direct steep route or the long winding route, as long as you make it, it doesn’t matter all that much.
  3. Made it, unlikely! – I’ve never scaled a mountain and seen the peak from the start, often you think you can see the peak, but its infact hidden behind another. You might not of made it, when you think you have. Even though you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean its not there!
  4. Caution, tripping hazards – you can find obstacles when scaling mountains which want you to trip and stumble! Watch out – don’t let anything knock you off course.
  5. Look how far you’ve come – turn around and check out your progress, you can’t seriously be considering giving up now, just look how far you’ve come in life.
  6. The grass is in the valley – there’s so much life in the valley, so much growth in the valley. There’s actually more of these things in the valley than on the mountain top. All the work happens in the valleys.
  7. Be an imitator – people are scaling there own mountains, once you’ve scaled yours, model something to others and give them an encouraging word on there journey.
  8. Praise shifts perspectives – It’s easy to feel troubled in the valley and on top of the world on the mountain, actually try realising that with the right mindset the valley can be a good place too.

Now conquer your mountain!


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