Let there be light!

I haven’t written a blog for a few days! The main reason is that I’ve been away – enjoying myself in the Lake District, I’ve come back sunburnt, whilst also seeing the snow.

I’ve been thinking today, as a general rule we must all have struggle in life somewhere right? I was debating whether there are people that don’t have any struggle with anything and whilst not positive, I think surely we all have something.

I don’t need to blog about any struggles I have, primarily because I’m a very private person, but today something interesting happened. I didn’t just receive an encouragement, someone unwittingly spoke directly into my struggle. What I consider to be a mountain in my life (and I’m not writing this to speak of them, because I believe we must all have some), someone came along and made a comment which penetrated that mountain. It’s like being on a cold snowy mountain and then the sun came beaming out.

It led me to think this – speak light into the darkness. With a subject I wouldn’t easily choose to discuss, someone careered right into today and pierced the darkness with a comment.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Do we spend too much time clambering around in the ‘comfort’ of darkness?

So for any struggles today, you may or may not choose to share them with people – but you can speak light into the darkness, speak hope where there seems like there is no way. Don’t let the darkness of a situation be the ‘norm’ – trust that ‘suddenly’ things can shift.

Sometimes the mountains that stand as the biggest barriers – are the mountains where we can get the best view of hope.  Where we may fall and scrape ourselves a little, we get up, brush ourself down and carry on – we become bigger and better than we ever were. The opportunity is used to grow us.

Maybe the mountain will move, maybe there will be a ‘quake’ or maybe we just have to walk right over it

In the end, we will move towards greater faith, expanded trust and powerful confidence.

As I settle back into ‘life’ after climbing literal mountains last week – trust me, the view is so vast up there. I ached and puffed and panted on the way up, but once on the top I could say ‘it was worth it’.



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