No more cavemen

I’ve been plotting all day to blog about todays big news story – the snap General Election that has been called, but lets leave politics for another day, whilst everyone else talks about that – hurrah! #refreshing

So, on to another news story though which caught my attention today. The Isle of Eigg which lies on the west coast of Scotland today has announced that due to a baby boom in January their population has exceeded 100 people – now I’ve sailed to the Isle of Eigg and it’s a rather fantastic place, a place I rather dream of setting up home on in the future. On the pier was a lady playing the bagpipes and everyone on the ship was waving to thcome-out-of-the-cavee islanders – something like in a movie. You felt like the sense of ‘community’ by just watching. But what of their history? Over 400 years ago, every resident barring one elderly lady was killed during a clan feud, the whole of the population hid in a cave from the impending attackers sailing in from the Isle of Skye. At first, the attackers thought noone was on the island, apart from the elderly lady they met, but just as they sailed away, one of the islanders was spotted outside the cave. The attackers sailed back and followed the snow trodden foot prints which led them to the cave, covered the entrance with vegetation, and then set it alight.

Bleak story – yes.

Lets not be cave dwellers any more, let us in this new spring season take a leap into the wide open spaces around us. These spaces are beckoning us out, those that cheer us on are shouting for us to come out of the cave. The cave bought death and destruction – it was a dead end, a complete dead end. Hope exists outside the cave, the cave hosted inevitability. What does stepping out of the cave achieve? Well, there’s so much to be had outside the cave, but more than that, we expand – like the Island population, it hits record highs.  Descendants and dreams more numerous than we thought – and my hunch is that the Isle of Eigg population is going to continue to grow.

Are you pondering any decisions? wondering about taking a ‘leap of faith’? Are you living life full of ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybes’? Come out of the cave, hear the crowd calling you out, hear your friends calling you out. In 1997, the islanders on Eigg purchased the island itself

Get out of the cave, be expanded and claim the land.


One thought on “No more cavemen

  1. Scotland is pretty and cold not like sunny essex so glad for a minute I thought it was going down the politics route, which glad it didnt. But great story

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