Triumph over tragedy

Spring is such an incredible season, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated it as much as this year. You can think of your own things that you associate with spring and as an appreciator of the great outdoors I’ll name just a few of mine. I love it when the sun is out and I leave my jacket at home for the first time in the year, I love spotting the first swallows of the season (tick!), I love a good walk in a forest with a carpet of bluebells (not-ticked, though imminent), I LOVE waking up in the early hours and hearing the cuckoo somewhere located in the woods at the back of my house (not ticked).

So comes with Spring, a great festival – Easter. I walked past a church the other day and it rather joyously said outside ‘Easter – New Life, New Hope!’. My heart should of done a spring leap, but actually it did a slight nothing, except make my brain think ‘hold on, I’m celebrating life and hope ALL year round’. Now of course its one of the seasons to be marked, and I’ll be marking it, but I want to be celebrating life and hope every day.

Its easy to feel that we live in a ‘Good Friday world’. A world full of death, destruction, suffering, mistakes and hurts – this is the day marked on the calendar that represents something of that. But, this isn’t the end – we are ‘Easter people’, there should be more than mistakes, hurts and struggles. Lets not live our lives stuck continually on a Friday – yes there is time for those moments, but the story did not end there and sometimes it can be hard to realise that tucked behind every ‘Friday’ situation of our lives is a glorious Sunday. We think its done, the situation is our Friday and that is that. How about we roll back our own graves and declare that Sunday is coming. Maybe, you’re reading this and you can think of your own Friday situations – suffering, mistakes and regrets, relationships that hurt make Friday seem like it never end, or there’s an opportunity you missed that you feel will never ever come again. We’ve all experienced this – decide now, that your Sunday is coming.

Fridays tragedy WILL be Sunday’s triumph.

Have a fantastic Easter.



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