The right choices..

Who knows that sometimes the wrong things in life taste so good and yet the right things in life can taste so bad. I accept not an analogy that applies to everything in life, but it is something I’ve often picked up on.

I went to have my car washed this afternoon, yes thrilling for you all and I waited in a nearby cafe as the car wash folks did something that I hate doing, they do it so much better as well. I was really thirsty and coffee wasn’t going to hit the spot – what was going to work was something I really dislike – fizzy drinks. These are only my personally views, so please keep calm, but I myself don’t drink certain fizzy drinks – its all for ‘healthy’ reasons and trying to preserve my own set of teeth and stomach for the rest of my life – BUT I gave in, I had this certain fizzy drink and man it tasted good, really good. It reminded me that sometimes the bad things in life we do actually seem good, and yet why is it that the good things, the ‘right’ things, can seem so unfulfilling and fruitless.

We all have to make decisions throughout life – and the ‘right’ choices are often the difficult decisions. It can be easy making the wrong choices, for short term gain or even ‘thrill’. I could leave it there, but just for a moment lets be honest – the right choices sometimes seem no good, it can feel like the ‘right’ choices benefited no one, yet you kind of just have to trust and accept that these tough decisions are the best ones – even though you can’t see it.

It reminded me of the game Jenga – a mountain of blocks and one wrong easy decision sending the whole load crumbling. So, just keep making good decisions, the good choices – yes the most difficult ones, the most (apparently) unfulfulling ones and hope that as the Jenga mountain gets higher and higher with the good choices you stack up – it will lead you to the mountain tops. For every valley is surrounded by a range of mountain tops and I’m an outdoors sort of person so I’ll be heading for the mountains – I’d love you to join me there.



4 thoughts on “The right choices..

  1. Thanks Matt for this really insightful post. Yesterday I made several bad choices in food, for no reason other than greed and trying to “cheer myself up”! Of course that’s only a temporary feeling because remorse then creeps in. I love the analogy of the mountain and valleys.

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