All these little things

Everyone likes a little encouragement in life, sometimes the smallest word can bring about the biggest shift in someones week.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about those on the periphery of my world – those that I know, but I don’t really know. I try (and really need to do much better) to concern myself with the lonely, the single, maybe the heartbroken, the widowed, the unemployed, the struggling – for at some stage in life at least one of those things would of been me and in the future one of those things more than likely could still be me. Can we recall times when we were at our lowest, that we would of longed for a text, a coffee or an invite to dinner? Can we now be the person that delivers the text or the coffee meet? It’s so easy for us to migrate to our friends or the popular and have them round for dinner and hang outs – this is genuinely all good, but my heart feels heavy towards those that would never receive many invites.

I was busy working today when I was somewhat interrupted by a young guy who just wanted chit chat, to be honest, he didn’t make all that much sense in what he said, but I sat there – I listened, asked how he was and listened some more. After about 15 minutes he shook my hand and said goodbye. He just wanted my time. Isn’t that the easiest thing we can give people, it costs nothing or is the most difficult?

I was speaking on the telephone tonight to someone, happily chit chatting away, when he mentioned my photography – we’ve never discussed it before. He said ‘Matt, your photography is eye wateringly good’. Now, I don’t ‘do’ photography for compliments, but its nice to be encouraged, I hung up and felt good. I was indeed encouraged. This week just gone I’ve tried to do some encouraging, just send the odd text here and there – all have been well received.

Can we take a moment to step out of our familiar circles and encourage someone on our periphery? Can we meet someone for coffee we wouldn’t normally meet, can we have someone round for dinner that has never been round before, can we send a text to someone that will shape there week – and all these little things….


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