Peacemaker vs Peacekeeper

I’m sitting down to write my blog at gone 11pm at night while thoughts are fresh in my mind. I’m excited that I have a rare day off work tomorrow, hoping to enjoy some coffee in the spring sunshine, but before that happens, my thoughts:

Are you a peacemaker or a peacekeeper? That was in my mind tonight. Do I even want to be a peacekeeper? Do I want to be known for keeping two warring factions separate? maybe, but I think I’d much rather see peace ‘made’. As I was driving along tonight I thought about it in a global sense – when we think of peace deals, lots of ‘world’ situations come to mind, maybe the most prominent situation would be in the Middle East and actually whilst reflecting on those situations I can fully see the need for peacekeeping. The role of ‘peacekeepers’ around the world is huge – the United Nations currently ‘peacekeep’ in 16 countries with over 100,000 peacekeepers.

This has made me think tonight, I want to be a peacemaker in the world I experience, I want to meet peacemakers. I’m a fairly ‘off the fence’ sort of person. I can struggle with those that sit themselves on the fence, but on the other hand one of the sayings I like least in life is ‘I just say things as they are’ or ‘I just say what I’m thinking’ – good grief, I really don’t think people need to know all the time what I’m thinking, nor do I wish to be on the end of it, that rarely must bring about peace. Lets be peacemakers, people willing to make a push for peace, rather than just settle a status quo in our personal lives.

I ‘googled’ the two roles and got this – ‘The goal of the peacekeeper is to keep the conflicted parties at arms length from one another, the goal of the peacemaker is to bring the parties together’.

The role of peacekeeper to me is, yes sometimes necessary, but I want to be a peacemaker, are there areas in my life I can make peace? bring peace for others?

I want to be a peacemaker in this season – bringing restoration, promise, healing to the broken, union to the divided, food for the hungry and companionship to the lonely.

And yes, one final thing – it is written ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’.



2 thoughts on “Peacemaker vs Peacekeeper

  1. Great thoughts Matthew. Having just preached a series on the Beatitudes, found it of particular interest.
    Am enjoying reading your blog. Keep it up!

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