‘I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall’…

Social media encourages us to think of friends as a quantity rather than a quality. I have a few hundred friends on social media but nothing like that in ‘real life’ – I do get some of the reasoning behind all the ‘friends’ – it can be helpful for connection reasons, but as a general rule in social media world the greater your friendship number the better it looks (apparently).

Someone said to me the other day that I had a wide circle of friends – I said in response I knew many, but knew really very little. I’d rather have 5 good friends, then 500 social media friends.

We’re designed for relationship in life, in varying ways – so its no wonder that the greatest joys can spring out of them and the greatest pain can do the same. Possibly, every high we experience was because of someone, every low was because of someone. I’ve known some highs and I’ve known the lows, you would of too. Friends I want to have would maybe look like this:

  1. We’ll share our own language – a unique dialect of private jokes
  2. When you haven’t seen each other for ages, within seconds things go back to normal when you do.
  3. You can be honest about who you are
  4. Your close friends are your emergency contacts

I wonder what particular qualities you can bring to friendship, mine is a generosity and reliability. I have an old fashioned brain, reliability is rare nowadays – seek it out in people. Loose words about what you’ll do, but never do them is accepted more and more nowadays as ok – I don’t like loose speak, it reflects something greater.

Watch out for nights that turn into mornings, dreams that turn into reality, friends that turn into family. What a expansive life we’re designed for. This is Nisan (if you read my previous blogs) – I’m ready for the expanse.



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