A beautiful sound

About a month ago I had a bee in my bonnet (I kept the bee very much to myself) about the word ‘harmony’ but I heard the word said a lot tonight, so now I’ll share the bee.

As a musician/vocalist of sorts, I know what harmony means musically. Its a different note from the melody, it can be below the melody or above the melody. Often when you listen to vocalists and comments are made such as ‘the vocalists were a bit off’ its often a reference to harmonies being off, equally when you hear group vocals/backing vocals and say ‘great vocals’, its probably an indication of good harmonies.

We as people are so different from one another and we have to remember sometimes, that that’s ok. We don’t need to compare ourselves to one another, because there is only one me – but a life of one me and a life of one you in harmony is a special thing. Being in harmony with one another means the different can come together and show a beautiful way of living. We can be completely different from colleagues and quite frankly friends – you don’t have to be anything like your closest friend – but we can achieve harmony with one another. I want to see more harmony in life, more harmony in society but also more harmony with people around me. If conflict becomes the focus in life rather than love, the result is discord and harmony is fractured. With an acknowledgement that we are so different, yet a decision to accept that and live in harmony – we can make a beautiful sound.


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