More than a Japanese car…

The sun came out today and things seemed different – everyone was bouncier and happier. I saw lambs in the field, the first butterflies were out in the sunshine, birds were singing in the trees! I drove along with a window open, I had my favourite dilemma of the year – do I take a jacket with me or not? I had the window open at home and my nearest Costa was full outside, rather than inside. Now I don’t know about you, but when someone asks me what my favourite season is, I probably would say Spring, though in fairness I quite like each season – though Winter would come in last on the list.

Today is more than just sunshine and butterflies – now, firstly my Jewish knowledge is somewhat lacking and I am half hoping the ‘scholars’ of the world aren’t reading my blog (I reckon I’m safe). I suspect the scholars are reading much deeper things than ramblings about lambs, butterflies and Costa but lets have a go at what is a special day. Today in the Jewish Calendar is ‘Nisan’ – the first month of Spring. The word ‘Nisan’ stems from the Hebrew word for ‘miracles’ – actually if you dig deeper the word implies ‘miracle of miracles’. Take a moment to let that sink in, we’re in a special season for not just ‘miracles’ but something beyond that. This is our season for renewal and opportunity. So many people would probably be desiring some change in life – could this be the season for that change? Frustrations vanished, dryness refreshed, lack turning into opportunity. Everything in me shouts ‘yes’ to this new season. What are you hoping for in a new season? A new job? a work promotion? new friendships? family struggles over? relationships restored? a healthier looking bank balance? The winter is OVER, the dark nights are behind us, the spring has come, signs of new life, new growth, new birth – renewal, redemption, opportunity, hopes and breakthrough – this is ‘Nisan’, this is my ‘Nisan’, let this be your ‘Nisan’.

Enjoy Spring – it will be abundantly more that you expect.


2 thoughts on “More than a Japanese car…

  1. Freaky enjoyed reading your blog Matt, I have been wanting to start one too will you show me how ? Not only are you a great photographer your good with words too. Uplifting.

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