Bringing Freedom

I’m new to blogging, so about one hundred times today I thought about how I was looking forward to more ramblings tonight. So yesterday was Comic Relief and without fail, all of the video clips that accompany it pull on the heart strings. What is a pulled heart string though without some action? This years Comic Relief has raised £71 million – I love that the Brits are incredibly generous when it comes to giving to charity, but also that we’re one of the world leaders when it comes to International Aid. I know the International Aid budget is contentious and I really do think it should be spent sensibly, but we are so blessed in Britain, whilst others struggle daily to just survive.

This year for the first time I ran the Colchester Half Marathon. I wasn’t ever particularly passionate about running in life, I wasn’t bad at it, but didn’t care much for it. Somehow circumstances conspired which meant I’d signed up for the race. Looking back now, running for myself indeed gave me a major personal achievement, but deciding to run it for International Justice Mission (check changed my perspective on it. Whilst running it, I knew I was playing my part in bringing freedom. I had to battle to make it to the start line, I was struggling with injury the whole month prior and the week before I’d vaguely hobbled 5 miles around Colchester in preparation and limped to the starting line when it came to it. Funny how injuries didn’t matter when changing lives did. My target time was 2 hours uninjured, but I ended up thinking just a finish was an accomplishment. I finished in 1 hour 56 minutes and with it (and with my two incredible buddies Andy and Frank), raised (currently) over £1630 for International Justice Mission. What does this do? Well, it gives those in slavery the basic tools to thrive – many slaves are rescued owning just a change of clothes. £1630 can purchase 326 blankets, give tools to 16 families or how about this – provide 16 thatched homes.

I played my part, thank you for supporting me and playing yours.












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