This week..

When I write ‘this week’ its for mixed reasons really. The terrorist attack in London was shocking, but I couldn’t help draw some comfort from mankind in such things. Such a terrible thing somehow reveals an explosive goodness in the majority of people. Westminster Bridge was littered with heroes – the images of those lying with the injured as help arrived. One lady holding the hand of an injured man, holding her face so close to his to give comfort and of course the actions of MP Tobias Ellwood really made me think. He ran against the flow of people to help. I wondered how many situations in our lives where it may require us to run toward something as opposed to away from something. Now the aftermath of such an attack leads to enquiries into defence and policing, but I’m pretty sure praise needs to be heaped onto the countless heroes that helped on Westminster Bridge and the emergency services that swept in within moments.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


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