‘I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall’…

Social media encourages us to think of friends as a quantity rather than a quality. I have a few hundred friends on social media but nothing like that in ‘real life’ – I do get some of the reasoning behind all the ‘friends’ – it can be helpful for connection reasons, but as a general rule in social media world the greater your friendship number the better it looks (apparently).

Someone said to me the other day that I had a wide circle of friends – I said in response I knew many, but knew really very little. I’d rather have 5 good friends, then 500 social media friends.

We’re designed for relationship in life, in varying ways – so its no wonder that the greatest joys can spring out of them and the greatest pain can do the same. Possibly, every high we experience was because of someone, every low was because of someone. I’ve known some highs and I’ve known the lows, you would of too. Friends I want to have would maybe look like this:

  1. We’ll share our own language – a unique dialect of private jokes
  2. When you haven’t seen each other for ages, within seconds things go back to normal when you do.
  3. You can be honest about who you are
  4. Your close friends are your emergency contacts

I wonder what particular qualities you can bring to friendship, mine is a generosity and reliability. I have an old fashioned brain, reliability is rare nowadays – seek it out in people. Loose words about what you’ll do, but never do them is accepted more and more nowadays as ok – I don’t like loose speak, it reflects something greater.

Watch out for nights that turn into mornings, dreams that turn into reality, friends that turn into family. What a expansive life we’re designed for. This is Nisan (if you read my previous blogs) – I’m ready for the expanse.



A beautiful sound

About a month ago I had a bee in my bonnet (I kept the bee very much to myself) about the word ‘harmony’ but I heard the word said a lot tonight, so now I’ll share the bee.

As a musician/vocalist of sorts, I know what harmony means musically. Its a different note from the melody, it can be below the melody or above the melody. Often when you listen to vocalists and comments are made such as ‘the vocalists were a bit off’ its often a reference to harmonies being off, equally when you hear group vocals/backing vocals and say ‘great vocals’, its probably an indication of good harmonies.

We as people are so different from one another and we have to remember sometimes, that that’s ok. We don’t need to compare ourselves to one another, because there is only one me – but a life of one me and a life of one you in harmony is a special thing. Being in harmony with one another means the different can come together and show a beautiful way of living. We can be completely different from colleagues and quite frankly friends – you don’t have to be anything like your closest friend – but we can achieve harmony with one another. I want to see more harmony in life, more harmony in society but also more harmony with people around me. If conflict becomes the focus in life rather than love, the result is discord and harmony is fractured. With an acknowledgement that we are so different, yet a decision to accept that and live in harmony – we can make a beautiful sound.

More than a Japanese car…

The sun came out today and things seemed different – everyone was bouncier and happier. I saw lambs in the field, the first butterflies were out in the sunshine, birds were singing in the trees! I drove along with a window open, I had my favourite dilemma of the year – do I take a jacket with me or not? I had the window open at home and my nearest Costa was full outside, rather than inside. Now I don’t know about you, but when someone asks me what my favourite season is, I probably would say Spring, though in fairness I quite like each season – though Winter would come in last on the list.

Today is more than just sunshine and butterflies – now, firstly my Jewish knowledge is somewhat lacking and I am half hoping the ‘scholars’ of the world aren’t reading my blog (I reckon I’m safe). I suspect the scholars are reading much deeper things than ramblings about lambs, butterflies and Costa but lets have a go at what is a special day. Today in the Jewish Calendar is ‘Nisan’ – the first month of Spring. The word ‘Nisan’ stems from the Hebrew word for ‘miracles’ – actually if you dig deeper the word implies ‘miracle of miracles’. Take a moment to let that sink in, we’re in a special season for not just ‘miracles’ but something beyond that. This is our season for renewal and opportunity. So many people would probably be desiring some change in life – could this be the season for that change? Frustrations vanished, dryness refreshed, lack turning into opportunity. Everything in me shouts ‘yes’ to this new season. What are you hoping for in a new season? A new job? a work promotion? new friendships? family struggles over? relationships restored? a healthier looking bank balance? The winter is OVER, the dark nights are behind us, the spring has come, signs of new life, new growth, new birth – renewal, redemption, opportunity, hopes and breakthrough – this is ‘Nisan’, this is my ‘Nisan’, let this be your ‘Nisan’.

Enjoy Spring – it will be abundantly more that you expect.

Bringing Freedom

I’m new to blogging, so about one hundred times today I thought about how I was looking forward to more ramblings tonight. So yesterday was Comic Relief and without fail, all of the video clips that accompany it pull on the heart strings. What is a pulled heart string though without some action? This years Comic Relief has raised £71 million – I love that the Brits are incredibly generous when it comes to giving to charity, but also that we’re one of the world leaders when it comes to International Aid. I know the International Aid budget is contentious and I really do think it should be spent sensibly, but we are so blessed in Britain, whilst others struggle daily to just survive.

This year for the first time I ran the Colchester Half Marathon. I wasn’t ever particularly passionate about running in life, I wasn’t bad at it, but didn’t care much for it. Somehow circumstances conspired which meant I’d signed up for the race. Looking back now, running for myself indeed gave me a major personal achievement, but deciding to run it for International Justice Mission (check http://www.ijmuk.org) changed my perspective on it. Whilst running it, I knew I was playing my part in bringing freedom. I had to battle to make it to the start line, I was struggling with injury the whole month prior and the week before I’d vaguely hobbled 5 miles around Colchester in preparation and limped to the starting line when it came to it. Funny how injuries didn’t matter when changing lives did. My target time was 2 hours uninjured, but I ended up thinking just a finish was an accomplishment. I finished in 1 hour 56 minutes and with it (and with my two incredible buddies Andy and Frank), raised (currently) over £1630 for International Justice Mission. What does this do? Well, it gives those in slavery the basic tools to thrive – many slaves are rescued owning just a change of clothes. £1630 can purchase 326 blankets, give tools to 16 families or how about this – provide 16 thatched homes.

I played my part, thank you for supporting me and playing yours.











This week..

When I write ‘this week’ its for mixed reasons really. The terrorist attack in London was shocking, but I couldn’t help draw some comfort from mankind in such things. Such a terrible thing somehow reveals an explosive goodness in the majority of people. Westminster Bridge was littered with heroes – the images of those lying with the injured as help arrived. One lady holding the hand of an injured man, holding her face so close to his to give comfort and of course the actions of MP Tobias Ellwood really made me think. He ran against the flow of people to help. I wondered how many situations in our lives where it may require us to run toward something as opposed to away from something. Now the aftermath of such an attack leads to enquiries into defence and policing, but I’m pretty sure praise needs to be heaped onto the countless heroes that helped on Westminster Bridge and the emergency services that swept in within moments.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

My First Blog!

I’ve been contemplating writing a blog for a while. The fears are it will fizzle out after two weeks or maybe someone will disagree with me and I’ll become trolled! Either way, I’ll risk it. I’ll update you as to whether either occur.